Our Inspiration

By April 18, 2016Blog

Bob Marley is a household name associated with Reggae Music and Jamaican Vibes. Marley has many famous quotes, however, there is one in particular that speaks to us. “Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” We have a passion for event planning and we can say with enthusiasm that we love the life we live. We make our client’s dreams come to life on a daily basis and enjoy every minute of seeing the smile on their faces. By making our clients happy, we are able to love the life we live. The life of an event planner is not for everyone, but for the team at Events by Red Carpet, that life is everything. We love the life of event planning and we live that life every day by turning our client’s visions into reality on a regular basis. Marley believed in a stress-free way of life and we like to practice the same type of lifestyle. We take the stress out of our client’s life by taking care of every aspect of an event, down to the smallest details. Events by Red Carpet removes the stress off of our clients’ shoulders, allowing them to relax and in turn, enjoy the life they live. Marley’s philosophy on life is the same belief that Events by Red Carpet believes in and practices on a daily basis.


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