Our Location: BVI

By February 1, 2016Blog

The British Virgin Islands, sometimes referred to as BVI, are a little slice of heaven on earth. Comprised of nearly sixty tropical Caribbean islands, the island of Tortola being the largest and home to the capital, the British Virgin Islands is a unique destination. With only twenty-three thousand inhabitants, this is the perfect destination for your next exclusive soiree. At the BVI, there is something to do for everyone. For the adventurous and active, take a group hike to enjoy the spectacular views of the land and sea while getting to know your corporate co-workers. If hiking is not your thing, you can choose to indulge in the islands’ rich and eclectic Caribbean culture. Learn to dance from the fungi bands and steel bands on the islands. For those that have two left feet, learning to paint from a local artist is another great option. For the less adventurous, there is not a shortage of beach access to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of watching the waves crash onto the sand. Whether you’re going on a hike to absorb the breathtaking views or spending the day relaxing on the beach, the British Virgin Islands are a dream come true. It is the perfect location to host your next corporate event.



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