Our Suggestion: Paws Up

By January 19, 2016Blog

The Great Frontier encompasses a mass amount of land. Over the hundreds of thousands of acres that comprise the Wild West, there is one venue that stands out as a cut above the rest. The Paws Up Ranch, located in the heart of the Blackfoot Valley, is nestled on 37,000 acres of pristine Montana wilderness. The mass amount of land allows for guests to have their choice of a variety of sleeping arrangements to please any type of person. You can choose to go luxury camping, or glamping, on the Cliffside, creek, or river. If glamping still has not won you over, you can opt for a more traditional overnight stay in a luxury home on the meadow or by the river. At the Paws Up resort and ranch, you will life day to day in a wilderness sanctuary you’ll never forget. Explore the land that Lewis and Clark swooned over, or, enjoy of a day of relaxing in a world-class spa. Whether you are staying in a luxury home with a Montana sized shower, or glamping in a safari themed tent, Paws Up Resort and Ranch has everything for a Great Frontier experience.


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