By January 5, 2016Blog

Everyone is familiar with what it means to go camping. But what happens when you want a taste of the great outdoors without having to forego any of life’s luxuries? You glamp. Glamping; a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more extravagant than those associated with traditional camping. The popularity of glamping is taking root in Washington, but glampsites can be found in other places such as Colorado and Montana. Glamorous camping may not be the activity that we take part in every weekend, but we are very familiar with the word “glamorous.” We are incredibly well versed in the language of luxury and can turn that dreaded camping experience into one that will never be forgotten. Choosing to glamp rather than to stay in a hotel may be hard for some. When thinking about the benefits of glamping, it is not hard to make the decision. Choosing to glamp provides you with the finest accommodations while simultaneously placing you in the heart of the Great Frontier. We will make sure you have immediate access to the outdoors, like in traditional camping, while also having the comfort of a hotel. Glamping is an activity you won’t want to miss out on.


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