Barbeque is not just a type of food; it is a lifestyle in the Great Frontier. Known for its slow cooking time and its heat, BBQ is a staple in diets among those living West of the Mississippi. Traditionally in barbequing, the meat is the only dish; sides are an after-thought and are not the top priority. In 2015, side dishes are moving center stage. The new trend is to turn those boring canned baked bean side dishes into gourmet works of art. One BBQ expert has improved the traditional bean salad by adding snap peas and edamame for a new twist on an old dish. Side dishes are not the only thing that is taking center stage. Smoked beverages are quickly becoming a new favorite. If a drink hits the spot shaken or stirred, it surely sips better smoked. Smoking a cocktail is the hottest trend in American mixology that can turn a drink you have had a thousand times into a drink of great depth and distinction. Make your next event a “Salt and Smoke” dinner party with exquisite side dishes that everyone will love with smoked alcoholic beverages that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. By incorporating these new trends in Barbequing, your next get-together is guaranteed to be one for the books.


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