EMP Museum

By December 4, 2015Blog

With spectacular venues suitable for a wide variety of events, the EMP Museum is a dream come true. Located on 5th avenue in Seattle, the EMP Museum is a leading-edge nonprofit museum dedicated to the ideas and risk-taking that fuel contemporary popular culture. Frank O. Gehry, the designer of the building, was a fan of classical music looking to incorporate the Rock ‘n’ Roll music genre. Gehry bought several electric guitars and cut them to pieces. These guitar pieces served as the building blocks for the early design of the museum. In addition to being a uniquely designed building that catches the eyes of those walking by, the museum also offers many unique displays like the Star Wars and Nirvana exhibits. However, the fun doesn’t stop there; the EMP Museum also offers private event spaces. There are eight rooms available to be utilized in the museum and can hold anywhere from 250 to 800 guests and with multiple locations in the museum to choose from, this is sure to be a venue for every pop culture fan.


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