Pike Place Market

By November 19, 2015Blog


Seattle is known for its delicious coffee, but also for it’s extremely fresh seafood. Home to the Pike Place Market, Seattle is proud to say they are known for their daily catches as well. The Pike Place Market offers options galore, by serving everything from specialty foods like fresh fish, meat and dairy to takeout options. Established in 1907, the Pike Place market has been a favorite to local residents and tourists for over 100 years. Other than being popular for its food, the Pike Place Market is also known for its long-standing tradition of fish throwing. A customer would order a fish in the market and the “fishmonger,” calls out the order which is then loudly shouted back by the rest of the staff and the fishmonger throws the customer’s fish from behind the counter to then be purchased and wrapped. This has become a loved tradition of Seattle. For entertainment, the fishmongers will even throw a “fake” fish into the crowd to entertain the by-standers or will pick a customer from the crowd to participate in the legendary fish toss. This is the perfect team building and bonding activity, it brings people together to participate in an activity that is otherwise not practiced anywhere else and is sure to be the topic of discussion for several days to come. If you are looking to plan your next memory-rich event in Seattle, make sure to keep the Pike Place Market in mind


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