Home of one of our nations most popular vacation destinations, noted for their beautiful year-round summer weather and sandy beach-front luxury, Miami Florida is a great event location to make memories with art deco style. Just off the coast of the Caribbean Sea and only 330 miles away from Cuba, Miami is filled with Latin and Spanish inspired architecture to compliment the tropical setting. Vibrant colors paint the walls of Spanish inspired house décor while driving through popular neighborhoods like South Beach, Little Havana, or Coconut Grove. What makes Miami so much fun are the events that get to take place year round like beach-front celebrations, outdoor gatherings, corporate get-togethers. Being a destination for vacation and fun all year round, there is plenty for you to do during the day in Miami as there is for you to do at night. Whether you take your time relaxing at popular country clubs in Key Biscayne, enjoy a caramel-latte at cozy coffee shops in Wynwood, shop in luxury while visiting shops and boutiques in the Design District, or explore the popular night-life scenes spread along the strip on Miami’s South Beach, we are sure this destination will meet whatever you have in mind. With that being said, when visiting Miami we highly recommend taking advantage of everything the city has to offer.


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