Events Abroad

By May 22, 2012Blog

Everyday,the world is becoming smaller…

With this change, events are now becoming more international; weddings as well as special occasions have become more internationally oriented. And those who wish to make an event more exotic, should consider planning one “on- location.”

When having an event aboard, one will need to work with persons of a variety of different nationalities.This exchange may be difficult at times. Not only is there a difference of culture, but language as well. There are many ways to handle situations:

The issue of Language:
1. A way to remove this barrier would be to use what I like to call “International Vocabulary”.Instead of saying ‘ could you take this picture’ , how about ‘ Photo?’. Or instead of “Where is the restroom” , why not ‘Toilet?’

2. People from all walks of life just love to be greeted in their native language. Here are a just a few greetings to initiate conversation:
Japan: Konichi wa.
China: Ni hao.
Spanish: Hola.
India(HIndi): Namaste
Russian: Zdrah-stvooy.

3. And finally, in any event, repetition will be needed whether they are a native speaker or not. Make sure to have a note pad and calculator on hand to aid in descriptions and the pricing of some items.


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