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Terrell Owens Speakeasy Soiree

For Immediate Release: Events by Red Carpet invites you to Terrell Owens Speakeasy Soiree

(Hollywood, CA) January 3, 2011- Events by Red Carpet has the pleasure of planning the “Terrell Owens Speakeasy Soiree”, a night filled with mystique, celebrity guests and glamour reminiscent of the opulent Roaring Twenties. This prohibition inspired celebration will take place at The Blind Barber (339 East 10th Street, NY, NY) on Wednesday, January 19, 2011. All proceeds will be donated to benefit The Alzheimer’s Association, the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer care, support and research. NFL star receiver and Alzheimer’s Celebrity Ambassador, Terrell Owens expressed, “Alzheimer’s is the seventh-leading cause of death in the United States and Alzheimer’s has affected my own family, so I understand firsthand the impact of this disease. I am proud to support the Alzheimer’s Association, as they educate people on the realities of Alzheimer’s disease so we can inspire enough support to stop it.”

The authentic concept created by Events by Red Carpet will transport guests to the turn of the century as they enter an unassuming East Village barbershop and are magically whisked back into time. Walking past rows of illuminated candelabras, an elusive mixologist will be indulging guests with themed beverages complimenting the T.O. brand provided by Finlandia, Jack Daniels and Herradura Tequila. Custom hors d’ oeuvres created by Southern Hospitality will also leave guests begging for more bootlegging. In addition, to ensure every prohibition law is broken, the evening will be filled with endless musical surprises, sexy cigarette girls, a cigar aficionado donned in a fedora, pinstripes and limited edition bow ties designed by NFL player Dhani Jones. Christy Bareijsza, the Founder and CEO of Events by Red Carpet, is thrilled to have her team planning this production for the NFL legend, “We are extremely proud to be supporting Terrell Owens and the generous sponsors in this honorable quest to help bring awareness to Alzheimer’s though such a creative outlet. Terrell’s humanitarian efforts off the field exemplify a genuine strength and heartfelt compassion that often does not receive the proper credit and we are humbled to be chosen to be part of this memorable evening.” Tickets are extremely limited; please go to for further details.

Do Your Football Party Right!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Suburban Trends

POMPTON LAKES — The Super Bowl – a yearly excuse to wear your football jersey, eat buffalo wings, and scream as loud as you want during the game. It’s also a great excuse for a party.
It doesn’t have to be boring just because it’s a football party! There are decorations, food and guests to coordinate.
It doesn’t have to be boring just because it’s a football party! There are decorations, food and guests to coordinate.

Christy Bareijsza of Events by Red Carpet, an event planning company originated in Pompton Lakes, suggests starting with team colors.

Everything from invitations to tablecloths can be decked out in the favored team’s color. If you have guests who are fans of both teams she suggests making the event more of a competition, using themes from both.

To foster competition, split your living room down the middle with a fifty yard line, and have your guests sit on their team’s side.

“With the Super Bowl the biggest thing is to bring people together,” Bareijsza said. “But people still want to watch the game.”

To encourage game watching among your guests, set up as many televisions as you can in your entertaining space.

Ask friends and neighbors bring their flat screens, Bareijsza suggested, and turn your living room into a sports bar. Make sure to include one in the kitchen, if that’s where people will end up gathering, too.

At any social event, food is a staple. Be sure to have an array of items that are both tasty and easy to eat on your lap while watching TV. Bareijsza suggests jazzing up a traditional menu of snacks and finger foods with interesting twists, like serving stadium food – popcorn in old fashioned paper containers, crackerjacks and hot dogs.

Take it a step further and have tailgating party, Bareijsza said. Instead of a formal spread on the dining room table, bring a picnic table inside. Serve burgers and dogs and your favorite tailgating foods.

Bareijsza also suggested making food themed for football, like beer can chicken. Or try something team specific like “Packers Pickles” for Green Bay, or green beer for the Jets. Don’t forget a football shaped cake or cupcakes with brown icing and white frosting laces for dessert.

Beer is an all-time favorite for sporting events, but if you’ll be hosting friends and family who don’t like beer, or are looking for something harder, Bareijsza said a signature drink is a good way to go.

You don’t have to find drinks that are already in existence, either. Bareijsza suggests searching the web for sites that help you find or build your own drink based upon specific criteria. For example, you might want a drink to have a green tint in honor of the Jets, but with vodka as a base.

“You can do as little or as much as you want,” Bareijsza said. “The biggest thing is picking a direction and sticking with it … because people miss the point when there’s too much going on.”

In other words, make your theme simple. If you go with tailgating, then don’t try to set the room up like a sports bar, too. One main theme is important, and then you can work with something simple like team colors as a sub theme, she said.