Two Locations in New York City for Private Events

(Hollywood, CA) December 1, 2010 – Events by Red Carpet, an event management and production company ranked as one of the top 25 event planning companies by NJ BIZ in 2008, 2009 & 2010, is now representing Southern Hospitality’s Upper East Side and Midtown Manhattan locations for social and private events. Southern Hospitality is one the most unique Tennessee BBQ venues to hit the NYC streets direct from the celebrity visionaries Eytan Sugarman, Trace Ayala and Justin Timberlake.

At Southern Hospitality BBQ, you’ll find everyone from Hollywood stars to locals, enjoying a comforting menu of fine pulled pork sandwiches, baby back ribs, BBQ chicken, fried catfish among many other southern favorites. Topped off with a true city setting, the classic wood themed walls are brilliantly adorned with authentic Jack Daniel’s signage and barrels. Consistently making its mark in the bustling city as a trendsetter, Southern Hospitality was recently featured on E! Entertainment’s The Kendra Show along with being spotlighted on The Wendy Williams Show for their legendary fried pickles in her “Hot Topics” segment.

Christy Bareijsza, the Founder and CEO of Events by Red Carpet has years of experience in hosting a diverse variety of events. She has partnered with the finest venues and professionals to create superior productions with style and class. From business meetings to private parties, she has the tools and creativity to plan the perfect event to match the tone and purpose of the occasion, whether it is professional, elegant or trendy. What asked about Southern Hospitality, Christy expressed “We are thoroughly excited to represent such a respected brand like Southern Hospitality that exemplifies the often lost meaning of genuine hospitality. Southern Hospitality understands the value of a dollar with the highest quality of food and service giving guests a warm and comforting sense of being home. That being said, we encourage you to bring your next event home.”

Karmic Satisfaction in Business

I learned very quickly in owning an event planning and production company that both clients and vendors come in all shapes and sizes along with different variations of stress and frustration. The ideal goal is to keep a majority of our services in-house, but there are particular occasions where outsourcing is needed to support the production, which having vendor partnerships that maintain a priority level of support and loyalty are crucial.

As much as you would like to retain every client and continue to do their future events, there are some that you just have to completely dissolve the business relationship. Often, it may be due to your own faults and incorrect judgements, alternatively it can be that of your vendor’s. Regardless, you are still responsible for the client maintenance and event outcome. With allowing sub-contracting vendors access to your clients, you can instill a non-compete, but there still needs to be an established level of trust with the exposure. That being said, what if your vendor decides to side-step loyalty and approach your client to obtain their business directly? Not only does that effect your partnership, how does that make you look to the client in your choices for partners? How do you now move forward with future events? What if your client decides not to use you and contacts your sub-contracted vendor directly?

Of course advise could not be given unless it has been experienced first hand. Unfortunately, I had an extensive working relationship with a designer crumble when he approached the client directly through an email solicitation that he sent to me in error. There was a wide array of emotions from disappointment to betrayal to even hurt. As much as business should not be personal, I have built my company’s reputation on investing a true and dedicated interest in each production, therefore each vendor is hand picked and backed by our brand. So, when a situation like this occurs, it’s extremely detrimental for all parties. Cutting ties and mitigating damages with the client is mandatory, but wrapping up the pending business can get complicated depending on the level of access given. Having a signed non-compete can be enforceable by law, but how to you justify the damages and future financial opportunities? How can you trust new partners?

Alternatively, what if a client calls a vendor directly? Do they take the business and hope it remains unknown, take the work and offer referral compensation or just turn it away completely? A trustworthy vendor will have an open conversation with you to discuss all the alternatives and come to a mutually agreed upon solution prior to moving forward. If this scenario occurs and open communication is prevalent, that can only strengthen the impact of the entire brand as a whole and ultimately increase your karmic attraction for future business.


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Unrivaled Ambience and Budget-Friendly Buy-Outs Make This Upper East Side Eatery The Perfect Choice for a Private Holiday Soiree

The holidays need not lose their luster when money is tight. This holiday season, you can still throw a party for the record books at Southern Hospitality, who’s warm staff and comforting cuisine can accommodate groups of any size, taste and budget!

Southern Hospitality exemplifies the often lost meaning of genuine hospitality. Ownership understands the value of a dollar and provides patrons with the highest quality of food and service, giving them a warm and comforting sense of being home. So whether it be a company party, a family celebration or just a friendly fete, bring the holidays back to the homefront this season at this famed Upper East Side eatery!

True southern home-style cooking is nearly impossible to find in Manhattan, but Southern Hospitality treats patrons to a tantalizing menu of southern cuisine, including fine pulled pork sandwiches, baby back ribs, BBQ chicken and fried catfish among many other comforting favorites.

“Southern Hospitality’s menu and interior design embody the best of the south while catering to discerning New Yorkers,” said owner Eytan Sugarman. “Our Memphis-style BBQ restaurant delights diners and shows the true meaning of “southern hospitality.”

Southern Hospitality’s décor, designed by acclaimed artist Roy Nachum, brings the classic elegance of the Old South, instantly charming diners looking for an upscale-yet-comfortable ambience in which to “dig in.” The classic wood themed walls are brilliantly adorned with authentic Jack Daniel’s signage and barrels, and a private back room is the perfect setting for any celebration.