10 Easy Tips to GREEN a Meeting

We understand that turning your events BlueGreen all in one brush stroke may seem overwhelming. Here are 10 easy tips you can apply to any meeting to make it more environmentally responsible suggested by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

  1. Put it in writing. Establish an environmental statement or policy for the meeting, and get buy in for it from the meeting host organization’s management. Share the policy with suppliers, delegates and speakers. You’ll be amazed at how far they’ll go to help you make your event Green.
  2. Use paperless technology. Use new media and electronic technology to cut down your paper use. Create a conference web site; offer electronic registration and confirmation; and advertise using the web and/or email.
  3. Meet close. Reduce distances traveled by speakers and delegates. Choose a host city that’s close to as many delegates as possible, and within the city choose a venue and hotel that are close to the airport and within walking distance of each other.
  4. Practice the 3Rs. Ask your hotel and meeting venue to provide visible and accessible reduction, reuse and recycling services for paper, metal, plastic and glass.
  5. Bulk up. Have your food & beverage service provider use bulk dispensers for sugar, salt, pepper, cream and other condiments.
  6. Lighten your Stay. Choose a hotel that offers a linen reuse program and bulk dispensers for shampoos and soaps in guest suites.
  7. Eat green. Include vegetarian meals, and have meals planned using local, seasonal produce.
  8. Close the recycling loop. Have all printed materials published on recycled paper, using vegetable-based inks, and on both sides of the page.
  9. Save energy. Coordinate with the meeting venue to ensure that energy lights and air conditioning will be turned off when rooms are not in use.
  10. Spread the word! Tell delegates, speakers and the media about your success. You’ll be surprised – BlueGreen efforts are contagious.

Trash the Dress! (or not)

Your wedding dress is probably the single most important thing to consider before your big day. But, have you even considered what you’ll do with it when it’s all over? You could just get it cleaned and pack if away, never to be seen again. Think about it, it is very likely you will never need the dress again and no, your daughter will not want to wear it in 25 years time!

Trash the dress is a relatively new concept which is believed to have begun in Hollywood in 1998 and has grown in popularity over the past few years. Brides (& Grooms) all over the world have started to think of unusual ways in which they can destroy their wedding day attire prior to the event and have the most incredible one of a kind photographs.

So why not think outside the box, perhaps you grew up near a lake or beach and wish to reflect this in your shoot? The main objective should be that you are having fun and capturing a great moment and the beginning of your life together! Here are some pictures to get you thinking.

Trash it, dirty it, enjoy it!

Wedloft by Weddingwindow.com

This week we interviewed Chrysty Bareijsza, president of Events by Red Carpet. Since 2001, this event planning company has been offering couples wedding planning services that include both full wedding coordination and day of coordination. Events by Red Carpet will handle all of your wedding needs whether they’re big or small. They will find the perfect venue, caterer, florist … whatever is needed to fulfill your vision.

Christy has instilled planning processes and procedures in her company which ensure that each wedding runs both effectively and intelligently. She prides herself on her company’s reputation for consistently providing the highest standards and ethics when planning each event and producing original and detailed weddings. They pull from the positive energy of the Bride and Groom and expresses their excitement in the production of the event, making their dreams a reality.

Photo Credit: Jason Groupp

Events by Red Carpet even offers Bachelorette packages! Their themes vary from a day at the spa to a night of dinner and drinks. Each event is planned for the bride and her ladies. You can even have a custom bachelorette event planned for you. All of their packages include a VIP host and limousine service.

Photo Credit: 5 West Studios

How do you help couples customize their weddings?
Upon my first meeting with each couple, I have them create a three part list with the following columns; “What I Would Love to Have at My Wedding, What I Would Like to Have, What I Don’t Care About”. Within those three columns, I’m able to strategically review with the couple the details down to the icing on the cake and really understand their main goals and how we can taylor their event to perfection.

At what point in the planning process do you typically work with couples?
Ideally I like to begin working with couples after they have become engaged and are just beginning to estimate a nuptial date and source a venue. Since a venue is typically the bulk of their budget, having a planner partner with the couple when facilitating the site selection and negotiations is preferred. We’ve also been approached by couples who have already contracted the venue and vendors and we will be hired for the “day of” to pull all the working parts together along and handle any last minute needs including the on site management for the wedding.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your business?
Events by Red Carpet is a business that prides itself on remaining behind the scenes and making sure the couple is the undisputed highlight of the joyous day. A wedding shouldn’t be stressful it should be a celebration of commitment and we are here to make that happen flawlessly with grace and elegance.

Here are some photos of a Red Carpet Events wedding …

Photo Credit: Jason Groupp